About us

Japanese hospitality with the local rhythm

Chidori is Vietnam's No.1 Japanese cafe brand and a pioneer of the Coffee in Bed® model. Chidori was founded in Vietnam with a mission to improve young people's "life experiences" through Japanese quality standard services at affordable cost.

We enable it by investing in automation technology and unlocking the true power of human elements in our service with training sessions for our staff's personal development.

As of December 2022, we provide access to our mini gateway within the city to over 45,000 membership customers across Vietnam.

We currently offer packages including drinks/cakes/foods of your choice + free use of the box spaces (Little Charge, Take A Break, Mini Staycation, One Day Getaway), a package for celebration (Make A Wish), Meeting Room, and Private Room – and we’re working on the rest!

The Story of Chidori

Chidori was co-founded by an ex-Goldman Sachs investment professional from Japan and a Vietnamese entrepreneur in 2018.

In 2017, our co-founders found out that they share a strong sense of urgency to improve a society where mutual trust is scarce. Having grown up in Japan and having experienced in depth the level of service offered to the youth of Vietnam, we simply wanted to create something that did the opposite – a service with a long-term mindset that existing players could not deliver.

We want to be a role model for building trust by putting customer benefit as the first priority with ethics as a foundation. And all of the products are something that we ourselves would want to use every day. Therefore, the focus of our services is providing the kind of thoughtful and sophisticated service that existing players have been unable to provide to the youth.

So, our vision was and has been to become the most trusted hospitality company in the market we operate since the start.

We believe that running a business is a form of expression of providing a gift to the society that we care about just as a successful artist creates songs that eventually enrich people's daily lives because it addresses the needs & concerns of the audience.

Chidori is dedicated to solving the daily challenges faced by consumers while improving the quality of life for thousands of people across Vietnam – especially those youth in emerging cities who will shape the economy in the near future.

Chidori offers a personal space, a great sense of comfort and high-quality products all at the cost of a cup of coffee. We strive to let you take a mini gateway to the holiday and have a quality rest in Chidori.

Chidori | Coffee in Bed®

Chidori | Coffee in Bed®

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