Welcome to Chidori Hospitality

Welcome to Chidori Hospitality

Chidori Hospitality is a tech-enabled hospitality startup founded in 2018 with the purpose of improving the life experience of young people living in emerging cities.

The founding brand, Chidori, began with the idea of a socio-solutive café model to address the distortions created by the rapid economic growth in emerging cities, and as of 2022, the brand has grown to 7 locations, 45,000 members, and over 400,000 cumulative visitors per year.

The brand provides generous support to Generation Z customers, a generation that has lacked satisfactory services, and is patronized by young Vietnamese who are unable to secure sufficient private space elsewhere as a small treat for themselves and their friends.

Our team is very focused and working hard to make our purpose come true. We will continue to create and expand value for our customers by thinking outside the box. If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us.

Featured as one of the popular flexible workspaces for Vietnamese Gen Zs.

Chidori | Coffee in Bed®

Chidori | Coffee in Bed®

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